Vanilla suburbs can't police chocolate streets without capricious decision making

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While the Oscar Grant slaying represents man's quintessential inhumanity towards man and the race division that invariably accompanies it there is an additional more tangible sociological consequence. The city is bled of essential financial resources. The city of Oakland will pay nearly $650,000 for Officer Hector Jimenez's fatal shooting of unarmed drunk driving suspect Mack Woodfox III in July of 2008. John Burriss is going to push hard to take the BART Police for the kitten caboodle as well.

The city would save a load of cash if they hired with the partial aim of making the force reflect the citizens. In other words more Black police officers should patrol Black neighborhoods. Sorry to be so glum but there is still much too much hatred in the vanilla suburbs to ask their residents to patrol chocolate inner-city streets.


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