Goldman Sachs settles bad Mass. loans

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Call your state attorney generals and demand that they follow Martha Coakley's lead. If you don't we'll never get our money back from the bank robbers.

Goldman Sachs agreed to spend about $50 million to write down loans for Goldman mortgage-holders in Massachusetts.
the state of Massachusetts announced a settlement with investment giant Goldman Sachs over the firm's role in the foreclosure crisis. It appears to be the first settlement of its kind, though likely not the last as the state goes after investment banks that knew the loans were bad and bought them anyway.
Goldman will spend about $50 million to write down loans for about 700 homeowners whose mortgages are held by Goldman.
Goldman Sachs
Martha Coakley has been agressive at going after the players in the subprime debacle. Interestingly, not a lot of other states have been following her lead.
Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley started investigating the foreclosure crisis

MARTHA COAKLEY: We've made the determination, and our courts have agreed, that many of these loans were unfair. They were destined to fail at the inception.

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