Bob Schieffer proves he's a square penned journalist every time he "interviews" Dick Cheney

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Cheney has gone on record several times accusing the Obama administration of diminishing the safety of the United States. He argues that “harsh interrogation” techniques and the “terrorist surveillance program” saved thousands perhaps even hundreds of thousands of lives. However, how many of our lives are potentially compromised when a leader bends the law as he sees fit as opposed to following the law as prescribed by the people? We need only to review any one of the infamous medieval inquisitions to discover how dreadful the long arm of law can be when interpreted by the few and not agreed upon by the many. The ruthless pragmatist president Barack Obama thoughtfully replies to Cheney’s accusations;
“We have rejected the false choice between our security and our ideals by closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and banning torture without exception.”
A sentiment all law abiding citizens can agree with.

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