US Army Bombing of Palestine Hotel Intentional

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On April eight 2003 two foreign journalists were murdered by the shelling of a U.S. Army tank. The U.S. has maintained that they did not order an attack on the hotel. However, former Sergent Adrianne Kinne claimed that the Army listed the bombing of the Palestine hotel as a "potential target" while interviewing with award winning journalist Amy Goodman.

When she learned of this target her job was to intercept phone calls from various groups including nongovernmental organizations, a criminal action.

Sergent Kinne said,
“[W]e were listening to journalists who were staying in the Palestine Hotel. And I remember that, specifically because during the buildup to ‘shock and awe’ ... we were given a list of potential targets in Baghdad, and the Palestine Hotel was listed. [P]utting one and one together, I went to my officer in charge, and I told him that there are journalists staying at this hotel who think they’re safe, and yet we have this hotel listed as a potential target, and somehow the dots are not being connected here, and shouldn’t we make an effort to make sure that the right people know the situation? And unfortunately, my officer in charge ... basically told me that it was not my job to analyze ... someone somewhere higher up the chain knew what they were doing.”

She said the officer in charge was Warrant Officer John Berry.

Yet another example of overt lying and criminal activity by the Badministration.
Inform others, take back your country, and seize your freedom.
If it truly were a war on terror they'd arrest the KKK.

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