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I've just returned from a screening of UnCounted. Uncounted is a documentary film by David Earbgardt that discusses various problems with the US electoral process. Blogger Brad Friedman of http://www.brad blog.com/ was also present along with David Machaan playing host to the ever illustrious Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland Ca USA.

This was the finest documentary I have seen on this subject to date and I believe that I have seen all of them. I highly recommend it. Documentation was thorough. Plot progression was lucid. They cited wherever necessary. Above average A/B/C list interviewees. Congressman John Conyers, Brad the blogger, and a common citizen who witnessed a perplexing blackout in his voter precinct while lights were working perfectly fine just across the street.

I must say that despite the aftertaste of hope that the film intentionally left in our mouths I fear the worst for America's democratic process. If elections have indeed been stolen; what is the need for an election? '08 is in jeopardy.

If it truly were a war on terror they'd arrest the KKK.

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