Update [rev 2]: Jena 6 vs Racist Retards

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In Jena, Louisiana, the seventeen year old Mychal Bell -- one of the Jena Six -- has been released on bail after ten months in prison. Bell and five other African American high school students were arrested last year for beating a white student during a schoolyard fight. The fight occurred after white students hung three nooses in a tree in the schoolyard. An all-white jury convicted Bell of aggravated second-degree battery. But earlier this month a Louisiana appeals court ruled he should not have been tried as an adult. On Thursday, Bell walked out of prison on a forty-five thousand dollar bail bond. His release came hours after District Attorney Reed Walters announced he would not challenge the ruling ordering Bell’s release.

Reed Walters:

"There is a victim in this case, his name is Justin Barker. I want everyone to know that the decision I am about to announce is based upon what I believe is best for him I have decided not to appeal the decision of the third circuit court of appeals that overturned the conviction of Mychal Bell in adult court and sent the case back to juvenile court. This means the case against Mychal Bell will now go forward in Juvenile Court."

Mychal Bell’s release comes one week to the day after tens of thousands of people gathered from across the nation to support the Jena Six. In his press conference, Walters shared his thoughts on the historic march.

Reed Walters:
"I firmly believe and am confident of the fact that had it not been for the direct intervention of the lord Jesus Christ last Thursday, a disaster would have happened. You can quote me on that."


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Update [rev 2]: Jena 6 vs Racist Retards

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Today, Judge Judge J.P. Mauffray allowed the conviction of second-degree battery and conspiracy to stand. Antithetically, Mauffray ruled that Mychal Bell was improperly tried in adult court instead of as a juvenile.

The attempted murder charges against Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw have also been reduced. They are now charged with aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy. That's some pressure the racist power structure has imposed upon Judge Mauffray. Perhaps some of you are content with the sentence reductions. Not I. The fact that Mauffray ruled Mychal Bell's trial as improper lets me know that he understands the injustice that sustains the Jena 6 story. Why did Mauffray decrease the sentence but deny the overturn? These children's lives are in danger. Looks like this racist judge is attempting to remove his guilt. We've seen that movie before.

For example; during Katrina the black neighbor of a white fire-fighter coordinated rescue workers (no not the Red Cross-- loving, ex-offenders) in order to save lives. One of the supposed shortages was clean water. The government told citizens that there was no clean water.

The fire-fighter explained to his neighbor that in fact the water in a town just outside of NOLA did in fact have clean water. He further explained that orders were given to the firemen not to enlighten the citizens about the clean water because the government wanted the "those people" out of the city. In other words, government wanted black people out of NOLA so badly they allowed many to die, unnecessarily, rather than lead them to clean water.

Now of course the fireman thought he was acting as a good Samaritan. After all, he did tell his black neighbor about the conspiracy. But you see, the fireman was a punk. So he told one black man about the conspiracy. So what?! He should have told the world! People died because they believed there was no clean water. That was a lie and the fireman knew it.

In the case of the Jena 6; Judge Mauffray reduced the sentence when he should have overturned the racist ruling altogether. This nation is governed by a gang of sissies. The NOLA firemen are sissies, Judge Mauffray is a sissy, the Democratic Congress are full of sissies. If we the people became one in purpose we could easily overthrow the soft, racist, criminal establishment.

We see their game plan. Jack gas prices way up-- then drop down about 30% in hopes that you'll be satisfied in the "decrease" in oil prices. It's not a decrease in oil prices! Two weeks ago you charged me $2.30/gal, a week later you charged me $3.00/gal, now you're charging me $2.59! You raised the oil prices, you did not decrease them! (Watch the format.)

The Jena 6 should not have been in jail in the first flippin place. They put them in jail. Charged them with murder. Now they dropped the charges from murder to conspiracy. They did not "reduce" the charges! They are not doing the children, their family, outraged human beings all over the world any favor by "reducing" the sentences. There should not have been any sentences in the first place. Would the real southern baptists please stand up in Jena Louisiana?

Read how Theo Sha describes his first experience in jail.

"They maced one time. It was on March the 14th. I had asthma. I told them. They already knew this. I had asthma, take me originally to the emergency room. ...I couldn’t breathe.
Bear in mind that there were six people in two cells that were abut each other. Twelve young men in close proximity to one another.
"Sometimes when they make a lot of noise, they’ll mace. And sometimes they just mace for no reason. ... It happened more than one time."
Theo also expressed his gratitude for the support of The United Fakes of America subscribers as well as the just people across this country.

"I just thank them for the -- appreciate it, all the help that we get. ...we’ve got people that are not scared to stand up for what’s right."
Rest assured that we thank you for your bravery and classy attitude against these odds as well Theo, Robert, Mychal, Carwin, Bryant, and unnamed.

If it truly were a war on terror they'd arrest Reed Walters and the KKK (probably one in the same).