New Low Cost Solar Computer in Uganda

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"A UK non profit social enterprise known as Inveneo Inc, whose vision is to connect villages around the world, has launched a low cost solar/battery powered computer onto the Ugandan market. Congratulations to the management of Inveneo Inc and the people of Uganda. It is my hope that the activities of Inveneo will spread to other African countries:)"

The fact that this is not going to happen will come as no surprise to those familiar with African politics. Therefore, I will only illuminate one reason why this will not happen.

100% of all of the wealth, resources, and land in the continent of Africa continues to be controlled by Europeans who do not have the people's interests at heart. Most villages in most countries in Africa are far too poor to afford a $1000 computer. They're trying to rummage up $1 dollar for food instead.

Speaking of which, why is there no major grocer implementing the same strategy alleged in this article? I am a community coordinator in Oakland, Ca U.S.A. I can't even get decent TEXT BOOKS in my U.S. city's Public schools! Do not believe for a moment that big business, government, or "non profit" social enterprises are genuinely attempting to assist with the computer literacy in African nations. That's just stupid.

BTW,That was not an opinion; that is an unmitigated fact.

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