Parable of the Miserly Husband

The Scooter Libbyrater (Bush): A Reflection on Deception

Aah yes; the other side of the coin. You know it all too well husbandmen. Why just last week you were on your way home from a tiring day's work when your mobile phone rang.

"Honey, can you stop by the grocer for me?"

Tired though you may be, you graciously mosey on over to the nearest super market. It's not too far out of the way. Besides, she only asked for a carton of soy milk, some veggies, and a pack of Always (with wings).

You goofily meander through that foreign terrain we call Albertsons, Piggly Wiggly®, or Safeway, etc. You love her more than life its-self. You would travel the breadth of the globe to satisfy her least significant desire. Why not go the extra mile tonight! Go on… surprise her. Tell her you're going on that cruise she's been yacking about for the past four years.

Mmmm? Naah. No one knows your wife like you do. Though she's been persistent about that boat cruise; you know she actually prefers to continue her humdrum routine of a life. Why nothing pleases your wife more than working nine hours then spending the balance of her evening catering to you and your snotty nose kids. Still, isn't there something practical you can do for the love of your life?

Hark! You spot the goodie aisle. A bag of oatmeal raisin cookies, her favorite, are on sale. Few activities are more pleasant than exploiting an opportunity to shower that special someone with inexpensive charity.

A look of pride engulfs your once exasperated face. You approach the front door of your home. Anticipating a grandiose reception you proudly present your wife with the mammoth of all gifts. But then, to your consternation your wife replies,

"You got the store bought brand?!"

Your mouth agape, you can scarcely believe her lack of appreciation in the face of your thoughtfulness. It's not like you had to go to the store. You purchased her favorite cookies out of the goodness of your heart. Why is she being so ungrateful?

Alas, there is her side of the coin. Which is to say, despite your claiming you did something for her, you did it the cheap way so you really did it for yourself. Right or wrong, one must admit that the wife has a respectable perspective. Oh yeah… and so do you.

With the parable of the miserly husband in mind the United Fakes of America will provide just due to the opposing viewpoint of Irv Gotti Libby.

There is a Bush/Libby defense strategy that is quickly gaining popularity in this nation.

This strategy is set forth in an editorial posted earlier this month in one of the most popular conservative blogs on the web today. Ed Lasky, of the American Thinker, goes to work on every journalist's favorite media punching bag, the New York Times.

So, learning from the mistakes of the miserly husband, we will respect the viewpoint of Libby defenders. Of course, when all is said and done; Libby's defense must answer questions and resolve at least one matter in from a grander scheme.

  • Why the decision to commute rather than pardon?
  • Should the president waive his executive privilege and give congress an explanation for his choice of a commutation over a pardon?
  • Rep. William Delahunt says the Libby case is about "…influencing the decision to go to war." How does the Bush/Libby defense impact the possible investigation into the Iraq war pretence?

Let's not get too lovey dovey yet. Remember, the miserly husband was, at least relatively, correct (also). Take a look at an excerpt from the AT below. Later, we will decide whether or not blogger Ed has provided the necessary responses to defend Scooter and the Libbyrater.

Ed Lasky vs the NYT:

"…there is this stunner in the editorial regarding the pressure President Bsuh faced from members in his own party to offer clemency to Libby

But none of it was justification for the baldly political act of commuting his sentence.

Hmmm...how about mentioning President Clinton's pardons that he issued before leaving office-these were certainly more baldly political:"


Ed Lasky vs Bill Clinton:

"News of McDougall's pardon came just one day after the president struck a deal with Independent Counsel Robert Ray effectively ending the Whitewater investigation."

Until next time, contemplate this defense and its relevancy to the Libby case. We'll break it down next Sunday.

If it really were a war on terror they'd arrest the KKK.


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