Illegal Aliens (not just Mexicans guys) Part I

Illegal Aliens and their Impact on the Integrity of the US Educational, Social, and Criminal Justice Systems

Ya gotta love the Bush Klan. Presidency by virtue of voter (mainly black) scrub in 2000, caging "minority" (mainly black) votes in 2004, sleeping on Katrina victims (mainly black) in favor of a well deserved (eyes rolling) vacation; and now—for what some are calling the best reason American presidents can serve only two terms (drum roll please), Mr. George Bush starring in Illegal
Immigration and the Middle Class is Doomed!

Before explaining the reason I look upon this bill [H.R. 1645] with a critical eye, allow me to explain that I understand the American Southwest belonged to Mexicans before it belonged to "Americans". Alas, the mighty US government is not going to give that property back to powerless illegal Mexicans (please see the multiplicity of broken indigenous Indian treaties for details. Or you can read the following confession http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ho/time/dwe/16338.htm). Furthermore, the US won't give that property back to powerful Mexicans because; they are enjoying multibillion dollar business ventures with Eurocentric corporations and impoverishing the balance of Mexico's population.

Nevertheless, in spite of my indignation towards historic, racist, oppressive thieves and empathy for those currently suffering the consequences of those historic crimes I believe we need to find a more universally beneficial policy to fight the remnants of oppressive history than this equally oppressive bill.

Thankfully, for black America and—sadly—racist white America, senators rejected a motion of this amnesty bill. On the other hand, it only missed by a mere seven (46-53) procedural votes! We haven't seen the last of this immigration bill.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez co-authored the STRIVE (HR 1645 Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy) Act of 2007 along with Representatives Neil Abercrombie, Joe Baca, and Xavier Becerra. STRIVE attempts to legalize 12 million "unlawful" immigrants and that is unsettling to me as a "legal" American citizen. And don't tell me the bill seeks to fortify the border. We've seen the Bush Klan's version of fortifying the borders in the past. Former Secretary of State Rummy's plan to secure Iraq's borders didn't exactly work (Citation? pick up any news-paper in the last, oh—6 years).

Check the White House's illegal immigrant stats. (In fairness I must say illegals do pay some taxes.)

Education: Taxpayers pay for the schooling of the children of illegal immigrants.

  • Taxpayers support Illegal immigrants by paying the $5,000-plus annually it takes to educate each of their children.
  • K-12 school expenditure for illegal immigrants equals $7.4 billion annually (California gets dinged for $2.2 bills)

Emergency Health Care: Taxpayers provide emergency health care for illegal aliens and their uninsured children

Crime: Fifteen percent of California 's prison inmates are undocumented aliens, costing the state more than $500 million annually

  • Hospitals write off $200 million a year in emergency health care services, plus another $100 million(+-) in extended care costs

I'm going to take this issue slow as I'm sure we'll be scribing about it for blogs to come. Check back next week and I'll explain why I am skeptical of vanilla suburban America voicing the same complaints that I am. In a future post I will also explain the growing need for the development and implementation of a single Latino AND Black AND Southwest Asian (Middle Eastern) action plan. For now, post your thoughts in the retorts section.

…And remember: if it truly were a war on terror they'd arrest the KKK.

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