Get Outta Jail Free; Thug 4 Life Libby!

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(He even had a flipping "pimp" walk on July 2, 2007)

Okay, so just to recap: Presidency by virtue of voter (mainly black) scrub in 2000, caging "minority" votes (mainly black) in 2004, straight arming Katrina victims (mainly black) in favor of a well deserved (eyes rolling) vacation; and now—for ANOTHER best reason American presidents can serve only two terms (drum roll please), Mr. George Bush starring in How I Helped My Friend Libby Scoot Out of Jail Free (Forward by Richard "Dick" (head—of all thugs) Cheney.

I will use a couple of explicit examples to describe the concept behind my apparent disdain for tie sporting gangsters. Example number one: Mumia Abu Jamal has been in jail for 25+ years but Lewis Libby won't spend a single day behind bars.

Friends, I write to you as a concerned world citizen that understands his duty to love mankind without forsaking my accountability to my repeatedly oppressed people (and other oppressed people; which is why I'm so conflicted about this whole illegal alien thing—which, BTW, is not exclusively appropriable to Mexicans).

So, as a black man in particular, though all should empathize with the following, it burns me up to witness an immoral, self-righteous, evil, low-life, scum of the earth CONVICTED FELON like Lewis Libby get off scot free (and I don't mean
Dred Scott free) while talk radio shows (not just sports jockey's either) bash Barry Bonds as though he started a war that lead to the unnecessary deaths of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of innocent bystanders under false pretenses with one flimsy shred of evidence hidden behind his back.

He was convicted of five felony charges! Why isn't he in prison? Martha Stewart got locked up.

Stop voting on stupid poll questions regarding the abstract O.J. Simpson and start complaining about Lewis Libby and other crooks whose crimes adversely impact more than your meaningless nerves!

If it really were a war terror they'd arrest the KKK.

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