“Dog Fighting Niggers” my response to extremists

First allow me to express my pseudo-amazement that the Chris Benoit story didn't get as much spin.

The Mike Vick story has amplified a sometimes seemingly dormant intolerance towards black people. Just yesterday I performed a Google search on a subject that currently escapes my memory. I do recall that it had nothing to do with one of the sites, a Google group, that the SERP (search engine results page) returned. The title was so inviting I had to click-through.

When my browser completed the load my experience was rather anticlimactic. When I see a title like Dog Fighting Niggers, I expect to read more intellectually fortified posts than

"Why do the (expletive) Jungle Bunnies wanna raise pit bulls and run dog
fights? Why don't they settle for their watermelon and crack pipes?"

I mean, how weak is that?

Now don't get me wrong. I recognize that overt contempt without responsible reasoning constitutes a potentially dangerous human being. I know that foul behavior needs to be addressed with certainty in the appropriate venue. However, it is my position that altruistic disdain for a particular group while never excusable (in the case of "race") should at least be defended with an inkling of acumen. Instead, this site/Google group was littered with ignoramuses. I suppose my intelligent readership is thinking, 'duh! Who do you expect to find on a hate spewing site; Lene Vestergaard Hau?'

I must say, what bugged me the most about this site was the fact that regular sounding guys where hanging out in that group. Guys you might work with or shop next to. Not skinhead types. They were having rather cordial conversations with each other regarding their dog's performance in its most recent fight. So here were some guys, hanging out in a Google group named Dog Fighting Niggers, cursing blacks for being black dog fighters—yet who are dog fighters themselves. I know; stupid. On the other hand, many believe that the erudite among us are never extremists. They are wrong.

Shortly after I realized that I needed to leave the aforementioned group I was informed of a blog authored by a guy who worked for Ron Reagan and Bush 1. He is probably an erudite (or at least an "erudite"). The post I read was delineating the author's opinion of Mike Vick and the reason "so many" black men are in jail. The article implied that Vick represents the "fact" that blacks, no matter how much money they have, are generally violent. This, he postulated, is due to the "hip-hop thug culture."

Readers made many attempts to reason with the blogger via the comments section. Repeatedly, these attempts were met with seemingly childish retorts such as name calling. Liberal and Nazi were among the more prevalent verbal attacks. Commy is always a classic. The author also caromed offensive zingers towards a reader from Vietnam. Take a look at my initial response. Oh, and there's more to come.

Thanks Toad734

The fact that Toad has a heart for all of humanity does not prove he is a liberal and if he is so what? It is analogous to the fact that your seemingly racist views do not indicate you are a republican.

I assume you do not regard yourself as a racist Mike; BUT:

You are apparently judging a large group of people based on the alleged behavioral fault of one athlete. Neither smart nor fair.

Whites do not regard Mike Golic as even their run of the mill intellect. Blacks do not regard Mike Vick as our spiritual, intellectual, or moral standard either.

Mike penned,
"But money and fame weren't enough to overcome the hip-hop thug culture which is destroying so many black males."

That sounds like a loaded judgment of blacks from the narrow perspective of a white southern Dixiecrat, with racist implications.

The implication: rap/hip-hop is synonymous with thug culture. Wow!

Take thy beak from out my heart.

First, let us look at the impact of "hip-hop thug culture" on white society, shall we?

White males buy a disproportionate share of gangster rap (70% of total sales). Does that explain why whites are more likely to steal countries, slaughter millions of indigenous peoples, then subtly accuse the oppressed of being genetically incapable of competing with the oppressor, (all the while ignoring the fact that they are the original perpetrator) than blacks are? No.

Rap was not around during Willie Lynch's day and I doubt G.W. listens to Snoop Doggy Do__... on second thought... never mind.

What of this "hip-hop thug culture"? Biased, narrow minded opinion at best.

Why imply that Vick is a thug? Why assert that the "culture" known as hip-hop is a "thug culture"?

Mike, while you are misdiagnosing the cause of the perceived destruction of the black male, the thug culture of capitalistic plutocracy and its corporate gangsters are quickly becoming the apparent destroyer of white males. Look away from the TV and focus on matters of import.

Mike makes accusations after formulating opinions replete with racist over and undertones and I will bet the house that he believes Al Sharpton is regarded by the general black population as a civil rights leader.

That Fox puts a mic in "Rev." JJ's face is reason to presuppose he is not a leader.

40 acres and a mule or mind your own business.

Humans, yes blacks are human, need unity and cooperation not stereotypical, birdbrain, maladroit aggravation.

If it truly were a war on terror they'd arrest the KKK.

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