Liberate Information!

In a democracy the majority rules, theoretically. In an extreme monarchy the minority rules. Monarchs call it "CONTINUITY". The people call it a "DICTATORSHIP". The last word rhymes with CENSORSHIP which is an activity leading corporate media outlets practice.

Recording labels and media companies are making an absolute fortune by repeating, repackaging, and recycling popular music, news, and entertainment programming. That wouldn't be such a bad thing if they promoted quality products... Of course they don't but, on second thought, if they did there is still something claustrophobic about the minority programming for the majority. Take a look at what I mean:

The Few, the Proud, the Media Companies

  1. Clear Channel Communications is the largest media company in the US, owning over 1200 AM/FM radio stations. In November of '06 they were absorbed by buyout and equity firms Thomas H. Lee Partners (THL.UL: Quote, Profile , Research) and Bain Capital Partners LLC for $18.7 billion (That's Lowry Mays, founder of CCU).

  2. Cumulus Media is the second largest owning more than 340 stations.

  3. CBS Radio Inc chimes in at number three but CCC is buying them up.

The Big 5 Recording Labels (a global list)

  1. Universal Music Group is the largest family of record labels owning 25.5% market share.

  2. Sony BMG which, as a side, had the BMG CD copy protection scandal recently.

  3. EMI Group straight out of Brook Green in London, England

  4. Warner Brothers Music; a byproduct of Jack Warner's old money

  5. BMG Entertainment: founded in 1835, this Adolf Hitler loving media corporation, based in G├╝tersloh, Germany enjoys promoting black performers like the rap group Outkast.

The point is the few are providing information to the many and some see this as a negative. Like Nazi Germany negative. As in Dark Ages negative. And this reality is not limited to your radio waves and music stores. Take a read at Jeff Chester's blog for information regarding net neutrality and the growing desire of telecom ISPs to implement discriminatory controls on the Internet's traffic (you) and content.

I trust that you understand the implications of what you have just read so I won't bore you with specifics in this post. Remember that you are not powerless. You still have a voice. You still have a platform, though it is waning. Push web 2.0 hard ladies and gentlemen. Because corporations who specialize in publishing information absorbing one another is a terrorist threat.

Thanks for your time and remember; if it really were a war on terror they'd arrest the KKK.

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