I Hate OJ but the KKK's Okay!

I tuned into a radio show hosted by "conservative" Michael Savage a week or so before Thanksgiving. It so happened that I caught another classic racist rant in which he commanded "middle Easterners" in the US to take their smelly selves back to Lebanon. This is not the only package of racist statements this American pulse has publicly and pompously delivered.

Savage alleges that Council of Conservative Citizens' member (“CofCC/CCC”) Trent Lott’s endorsement of Strom Thurmond’s 1948 presidential candidacy were “innocent comments”. He tags Lott's thin skinned Congressional Black Caucus critics as “a lynch mob”. The irony here is that Storm Thurmond's voting record was pro lynching during the 1948 presidential election. So why miscategorize a group of black assemblymen while protecting a bigot?

p style="TEXT-INDENT: 0.5in">So while my family was enjoying a stellar T-Giving dinner, my mind was filled with thoughts of deceptive, racist, lawmaking, senators and the influential talk radio hosts who defend them. Want to know why? If it is important to murder extremists who live 10,000 miles away from this land, an opinion many Americans hold dear, how much more important is it to bring to justice the extremists who live in this land?

Bob Barr for example. A US House of Representative of the 7th District of Georgia, from 1995 to 2003; Barr is also a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens AKA the CCC. This white separatist group advances its ideology by sowing a seed of resentment inside of the hearts and minds of borderline prejudice whites with respect to issues like black-on-white crime and non-white immigration.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has also been a proponent of the CCC. Former Exalted Cyclops of the Matoaka, West Virginia chapter (Klanton) of the Ku Klux Klan Robert Carlyle Byrd is currently a senior Senator in VA.

Is it not much more important to keep known Klansman out of political power than it is to kill Jaber A. Elbaneh? I mean, why are so many white Americans disgusted with nonsensical OJ Simpson blindfolds? I mean they hate that dude like he killed the white Eve. If you don't like a man because you think he is a murderer, I get that. But make sure you spread your disdain to all people who might be murderers. Think critically my Caucasian brothers and sisters. Who is more dangerous; An ex running back who might have murdered two people or a racist Senator who is a potential presidential candidate?

Juice will never have an opportunity to enact laws. People of all colors can't stand the sight of him. But what about Senator Byrd? Somehow many senaster senators manage to distance themselves from their racist acts with little effort. Almost as though the American public ignores white supremacy - or quietly cherishes it as an unwritten qualification for powerful political positions (I shutter to think). All the while ill hearted, influential, radio hosts, and politicians mold the minds of America's youth to hate.

I mean think about this. "We the people" are angry, livid, with OJ Simpson and invisable terrorists but are okay with allowing a "former" Klansman to become a senator! I'm appalled and infuriated by this unmitigated hypocrisy and I pray you are too.

As my signature states: If it really were a "war on terror", they would arrest the KKK.

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