Habeas Corpus, Reduced to a Corpse

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10/17/06: President George W. Bush signs the Military Commissions Act. This act states:

"As provided by the Constitution in this section, the President has the authority for the United States to interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions (an international law the U.S. military has already broken) and to promulgate higher standards and administrative regulations for violations of treaty obligations which are not grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions."

Do NOT overlook this sentence as insignificant legal mumbo jumbo. I promise to revisit this excerpt later. However, I will immediately highlight the second section of this sentence which states:

"the President has the authority... to interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions..." (emphasis supplied)

The last time a single man had this much authority over human life, aside from the Pope, monarchs ruled in Europe. And for those who find it hard to believe that G.W. wants to be a monarch, click on this:
Many of the implications stated in the Millitary Commissions Act's are repugnant. Here are just a few:

  1. The bill stretches the definition of the term "enemy combatant" like an infinately long hydrocarbon chain. Seriously; seems that anyone in our foreign audience can be styled an "enemy combatant." It's too inclusive and is subject to broad interpretation.
  2. Those who the government defines as enemy combatants can be "killed or detained until the end of the conflict" - the government now has the authority to execute a man without trying him in the court of law.
  3. What? the first two weren't enough! The Millitary Commissions Act provides judicial means to kill innocent people without journalists, lawyers, family members, or the people of the United states having a clue that it ever happened.

This is an interactive site so please direct your attention to the right, under "Suggested Sites", select "Bang Your Monkey" and start telling your congressman what slackers they were for:

  1. ...not informing you of this bill in time to prevent it from ever coming into existence.
  2. ...not making a big deal about it afterwards.

You should demand that they devise a method to resend the MCA... and throw in the Patriot Act while you're at it. The Millitary Commissions Act is without a doubt unconstatutional.... and that's my word!

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